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The Mental Health Recovery Institute (MHRI) provides Human Resources departments, management and workplaces with recovery based strategies, education and cutting edge information on workplace mental health.

Our focus is the development of workplace mental health programs that are uniquely tailored to organisations, that have a robust ROI, and that provide practical tools to create mentally healthy workplaces. We encourage Recovery not Therapy. Good mental health at work doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, in our experience, it’s easy when shown how and when employees are engaged in the initiatives. We exist to show how. Call us in for a free chat

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In this discussion paper, we explore the role of the HR professional in managing increasing levels of mental illness in the workforce

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1 in 2 People Have Had A Mental Illness…That’s Half Your Team

We Know That:

  • Tackling mental health problems early leads to improved outcomes and faster recovery.
  • There are effective treatments for most mental health problems.
  • Addressing workplace mental health problems leads to increased ROI.
  • Mental health problems underpin a lot of workplace conflict.
  • Good mental health at work translates into improved productivity and greater employee engagement.
  • Mental health requires both an individual and a team approach.
  • The workplace is a great place to educate people in mental health.
  • Mental health education helps ameliorate mental health symptoms.